What is a Semester?

A semester at Profectus Academy of Toronto is the period of time when a course runs. The time frame for a semester can vary based on the needs of a school, however, in many cases within a semester there are specific classes that are taken, and when the semester comes to an end, so do those classes.


Profectus Academy of Toronto follows a QUADMESTER model where the school year from September to June is divided into 4 semesters, allowing students to focus on specific courses rather than spreading their attention to multiple subjects. The conventional high school is divided into 2 semesters, where students are enrolled in 4 courses. However, with Profectus Academy’s QUADMESTER model, students are enrolled in 2 courses per semester, allowing them to focus on the subjects at hand, rather than dividing up their attention.

What are the benefits of a QUADMESTER school year?

  • Complete more credits throughout the September to June school year with the Express Option.
  • Ability to focus on specific subjects instead of being spread out thin among many.
  • More time within the class with the teacher to engage, ask questions and learn.
  • Limited assessments and exams per semester allowing students to fully succeed and exceed expectations.
  • See results in attaining an Ontario Secondary School Diploma in a shorter amount of time.
  • Much less stress and better mental health after not having to stretch out one’s attention.
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