The Benefits of Online Learning

With modern technology and competitive expectations for jobs, online learning is for many students the best solution to balancing all these needs. Online learning environments accommodate different learners and environments so more can be accomplished in a shorter span of time.

A common question asked by our families and students is:

What are the benefits of learning online at Profectus Academy? Well…

  • Structured, yet flexible classes which support students who need structure, but also at times need accommodations when it comes to due dates and deadlines.
  • Online discussion forums which allow students to ask questions and collaborate with other online learners.
  • Teachers who are available 24 hours to answer student questions in detail and depth.
  • Opportunity to video conference with teachers to allow for face to face connection.
  • Asynchronistic approach to learning which means that class times are flexible, and the main focus is on getting assignments and posts completed by a specific date.
  • Ontario Certified Teachers to ensure the quality of instruction is always at a high degree.
  • Flexible integration between our face to face classes and online courses, allowing students to even complete a hybrid form of full time learning.
  • Students are able to log on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which opens up the door for learning to take place on the student’s schedule.
  • The ability to work a job or volunteer throughout the day and still be able to complete your Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

It’s obvious that online learning opens doors for many students so earning and education does not need to be a barrier to success or gaining experience. Take a look at Profectus Academy’s ever-growing list of online courses to see how you can make education a part of the many other things you do.

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