Summer School

Summer classes at Profectus Academy of Toronto allow for students to catch up or even get ahead with various courses so they can successfully progress on their secondary pathways. Since the course is laid out to be completed within a month, time flies and there is a lot to learn every day. However, with the Profectus model of learning, which includes the small class sizes, individualized lessons and strong connections with the teachers, students find that even summer courses in a month are not out of their reach.

The small class sizes is one of the main reasons why students choose to enroll in Summer School at Profectus Academy of Toronto. Students find that when they are able to talk to their teachers and openly communicate in class, they are more prone to learn and absorb the material being taught. In many cases, students are able to learn more as they are immersed in the course all month, all day with the space and necessary support to truly learn. This is in contrast to taking courses throughout the school year where students feel quite stretched out when they need to balance multiple courses at a time.

Many students view summer school as a method of fast-tracking through a credit, however when at Profectus Academy of Toronto, the goal is to make each course a meaningful experience. This has been our vision from the conception of Profectus Academy and we pride ourselves in remaining true to our word. Throughout summer school, teachers take the time in the beginning of the class to understand what needs the student has and how best to adapt the course to engage each learner. This is what makes summer school at Profectus Academy an effective option to earn a credit, as well as learn.

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