Schedule Options for Local Part Time Students

This Part Time option is only for local students and consists of at least 1 course per semester. This course can be taken during any period of the day which begins at 9:15am and ends at 8:00pm. Many students take on a part time status to accommodate for work schedules and other circumstances.

Local students who wish to take a course at Profectus Academy of Toronto in addition to their full time studies at another institution usually choose to enroll in the Period 3 Extra Credit sessions so as to not conflict with prior commitments.

With all this in mind, there are 2 options for the Period 3 Extra Credit class:

Extra Credit Acceleration:

Classes will take place every day of the week (Mon. to Fri) and be completed according to the QUADMESTER timeline.

Extra Credit Extension:

Classes will take place 2 evenings per week (Mon. & Wed. OR Tues. & Thurs.) for a span of 2 semesters (Semester 1 & 2 OR Semester 3 & 4). This will allow students to take a break in between the week and spend more time on course work.

When registering for courses, students will have the option to choose one of the two above choices. These 2 options are also dependent on the course offerings for a particular semester. Please refer to the course schedule to confirm what courses are being offered for your semester/year of interest.

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