Repeat Courses

Repeat courses at Profectus Academy of Toronto are an opportunity for students to get a second chance at their classes because in some cases, you try once, and if it doesn’t work out, try again. This is the growth mindset we aim to instill in all our learners as they take on repeat courses with the dedication to do better than they did the first time.

One of the main challenges students in repeat courses experience is low self esteem and at times, doubt in their ability. This is where the teachers at Profectus Academy come in, to encourage each student that everyone’s path to success is different and it’s not how and when they achieved their goal, but more so about the process of learning. Our individualized approach to courses is especially supportive of students in our Repeat Courses, who in most cases, when they receive the support necessary, are able to succeed.

The goal of a Repeat Course is not just to earn a higher mark, or make one’s transcript more appealing, but more so to ensure the student has the skills and content knowledge necessary to succeed in their next step – whether it be a following course of a higher level, or post-secondary education. This is where the credibility of our courses are especially important. Teachers of Repeat Courses recognize that the student has already attempted the course and were unsuccessful for some reason. Additionally, they realize that despite this setback, the student is continuing to persist and continue on in this pathway. Thus, it is up to the teacher to ensure that the student achieves not just a better mark, but the overall value of the course so they are prepared.

Below, are some common questions families ask when it comes to Repeat Courses:

How do Repeat Courses for specific subjects work?

When completing a Repeat Course, teachers will look into the student’s prior knowledge of course material through a diagnostic assessment. When it comes to subjects like Math and Science, students will be able to demonstrate the content knowledge they are coming into the course with, whereas in subjects like English, which are more skills driven, there will be a short assignment.

Following this, teachers will be able to focus more or less of specific curriculum expectations to ensure the course is structured to support the specific learning needs of this student. The teachers at Profectus Academy play a crucial role in the creation of this environment which fosters growth.

How will I know my child will be prepared for the next course?

When structuring a Repeat Course, the exact same Ontario Curriculum Expectations are consulted and integrated into the course which ensures the student is prepared for the following class. For example, when students complete a Repeat Course for Grade 11 Biology, the initial assessments will inform the teacher on the gaps in learning the student experienced during the initial course, as well as what specific curriculum expectations have not been fulfilled. This will allow the teacher to focus on specific material and content that will support the student to fill in the gaps in learning and thus, earn the credit and hopefully a mark they are proud of.

What is the workload like for a Repeat Course?

The workload for a repeat course is of a similar structure to that of the original course because the end goal is to earn the credit and learn the content or skills. Profectus Academy does not take shortcuts and ensures that the integrity of each credit that is earned is maintained in all our classes, including Repeat Courses.

Which mark will show up on the transcript if my child does a Repeat Course?

When a student completes a Repeat Course at Profectus Academy, it is structured and taught like any other course. Once the course is completed, the student will receive a Report Card with their mark. This report card will also be sent to their Full Time school, where the designated individual will update the mark for that course with the mark earned in the Repeat Course.

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