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416 708-3000

Profectus Live

An innovative way to communicate and support learning.

Profectus LIVE is an online program developed by Profectus Academy of Toronto to close gaps in communication between our parents, teachers, students and administration. Our innovative program allows various stakeholders to view student progress, teacher comments, attendance and marks online.

How does Profectus LIVE benefit your child?

  • View your child’s marks in courses by easily logging in from wherever you are.
  • Use your phone to stay up to date on your child’s progress in school.
  • Easily message your child’s teacher with any questions or support.
  • Review teacher feedback online so you can support your child as they learn.
  • Experience a learning style that is transparent and collaborative.

It’s programs like these that make your child’s and your experience at Profectus Academy different and more valuable than any other institution. Profectus LIVE was constructed with the busy parent in mind who cannot speak to their child’s teacher every day or follow up face to face. We know our families are busy, and so we’ve moved our communication online, allowing for you to follow along with your child’s learning in a much easier manner.

Our parents are our partners in learning, and that’s why Profectus LIVE fits right in with our approach to education. We’ve built a platform for communication that will allow our families, whether they live down the street or in another continent, to engage with their child’s learning and support. This is one of our ways to ensure that we support every child and reach every student.

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