Night School

Night school at Profectus Academy of Toronto is an opportunity for students to either catch up or get ahead with their learning. We are aware the most of our Night School students are already enrolled in full time classes, and this plays an important role in how our Night School classes are structured. The end goal for all the classes are to support our students as they earn their credits.

Night school courses are structured in a way to allow students to engage with their classmates and connect with their teachers so that they can succeed in their daytime as well as evening commitments.

Classes consist of group work, assignments, teacher conferencing, as well as tests and quizzes. A balance of these various assessment strategies, along with teacher support sets up an environment for our students where they know they can succeed.

The main reason why students choose Profectus Academy of Learning for their Night School classes is due to our small class sizes. With only about 8 to 10 students in your class, this is a huge difference from your full time public high school classes which at the very least, have about 25 students. The smaller group allows each of our students to be seen and heard as they learn the course material, and ensures that they can ask as many questions as they need to succeed in their courses.

Additionally, our teachers pursue an individualized approach when teaching each class – whether it be full time day school or night school. They perform various detailed diagnostics to better understand the needs of their students, and then adapt and accommodate all throughout the lesson to better suit the learner. When in a larger classroom, students need Individual Education Plans (IEP) to ensure that their individual needs are being catered to, however that is not the case at Profectus Academy of Toronto. We recognize the value behind each learner and acknowledge the fact that everyone learns differently. This is why we ensure that we get to know each and every one of our learners to the best of our ability, to fulfill our goals to support every child and reach every student.

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