Profectus Academy – Principal’s Message

Message from the Principal

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Profectus Academy of Toronto. Secondary school is a very important and exciting time for students as they learn and grow and become productive citizens in this modernizing world. We are excited to provide you with a learning environment and community that encourages growth and success by recognizing your unique qualities and helping to develop you as individuals.

Our philosophy is as follows

Incrementum In Victoria

In English, this translates to Success in Growth. Growth is a core pillar of Profectus Academy of Toronto, because all success stems from some form of growth. We encourage each and every one of our students to dream big, set high goals, and then, by instilling in them a growth mindset, we enable them to succeed.

We strongly believe in instilling within our students a growth mindset where we recognize that students need challenges and positive reinforcement so they can see how through their hard work and dedication, they can succeed. We know our students don’t come in with all the knowledge in the world, and that it is up to us to foster learners and show them how they can have a positive impact in the world.

As you can see throughout this website, we have created pathways and supports along the way to enable and guide our students towards a successful future. These futures range from entering the workforce, attending College, enrolling in an Apprenticeship or entering University. We recognize that it is our job to make these pathways visible and accessible for our students so that they have the opportunity to explore their abilities and dreams, and choose the best pathway for them.

Various highlights of attending Profectus Academy of Toronto are our:

  • Commitment to Equity by understanding and accommodating to our wide range of learners through our Special Education Programming and Student Success Practices.
  • Small class sizes to ensure for a personable learning experience.
  • Engagement with technology to bring to our classrooms a modern learning experience.
  • With all said, I welcome you to take a look through our various course offerings, policies and practices to learn more about Profectus Academy of Toronto and all that we offer our students.

Jennifer Schroud

Principal and Director of Education

Profectus Academy of Toronto

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