Full time study online

There are various options when it comes to learning online, from Part time studies to even full time. Full time studies consists of a minimum of 8 courses per year so students can reach the maximum of 30 credits by Grade 12 to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Why study online full time at Profectus Academy?

  • Students will be able to learn from any setting at a pace that works for them.
  • Final exams are written for free at Step Up Academy of Learning.
  • Students receive Guidance Support for free to plan next steps and ensure that all the courses being taken help set them up for success.
  • Take courses that are recognized by Universities and Colleges that are assessed at the same level as in-class courses.
  • Learn how to manage time and workload independent of rigid structures so you can be prepared for postsecondary learning.
  • Learn about innovative new online learning tools that will allow you to make deeper connections with content and retain more information.

Modern education need not only be about learning, but the balancing of various experiences around the world to help build well rounded and informed students. With online learning, this is very possible. Many students at Profectus Academy enjoy the flexibility of being able to learn from any setting and also gaining life experiences.

Enjoy learning and enjoy a more rich learning experience with Profectus Academy online!

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