Frequently Asked Questions

Online courses at Profectus Academy will take on a variety of forms – some of which can range from essays, online blogs, vlogs, discussion boards, video submissions and group work.

Final examinations for Profectus Academy Online courses are pre-scheduled and written on site at Profectus Academy of Toronto at: 3875 McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough ON, M1X 0C1.

The best way to communicate with Teachers at Profectus Academy is through Profectus LIVE, the online Platform used at Profectus Academy to record assessments, take attendance, post about student progress and message Teachers. Teachers at Profectus Academy can also be contacted via email or phone. The teacher’s contact information will be provided on the course outline at the beginning of the semester.

Each class at Profectus Academy Online will vary depending on the material, the teacher, and the students. Lessons will range from reading and comprehension based activities to discussion boards, video reflections, etc.

Although courses at Profectus Academy Online will follow an asynchronistic model, students will be able to collaborate via discussion boards, and various group activities and assignments which will allow them to build on each other’s knowledge.

All classes at Profectus Academy Online will take place on Google Classroom. Students will receive a login to join their classroom.

If successful, your completed credit on your Profectus Academy Online Report Card will be sent directly to your full time school to be added to your Ontario Student Record (OSR).

Students will need a device (tablet or laptop) and access to the internet to successfully complete a credit on Profectus Academy Online. Some courses may require access to specific programs which will be communicated at the beginning of the course.

As a parent/guardian, you will have access to all the course material your child/ward is provided with through Profectus Academy Online. The best way to support them is by helping them to manage their time, keep up with the pace of the course, and actively ask questions.

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